We tutor all elementary, junior high, and high school subjects

& virtually every university course.  

English, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics if they teach it we tutor it.  

Mathematics – From early grade levels and on Math is a constant challenge for students.  First students struggle with understanding the relevance of mathematics.  How to relate mathematical concepts to everyday scenarios.  We find this a common challenge for the early days of adding and subtracting apples and oranges to advanced trigonometry and calculus.  Once a student understands it relevance they can start to appreciate the rudiments of math, it processes, functions and derivatives.   Once a student has some understanding relative to their grade level it is vital to practice this skill like you would a musical instrument through repetition.  Only through repetition do students begin to “be able” to do math correctly and accurately without errors.  Then there is the challenge of mathematics – at higher grade levels this is where many students have difficulty, where they have to apply years of practice and knowledge that may or may not have rehearsed or remembered to allow them to do well.  Mathematics in the school system is based on year over year knowledge and mistakes, errors and lack of knowledge get compounded annually.  If your son or daughter or yourself are struggling with math please reach out to us for help.  The earlier on the better.  If they don’t like math, then insist they get a tutor because without the helping hand of someone encouraging them to practice they career futures will be catastrophically diminished.  We help students with math every day. 

English - The English language is inherently complex.  From grammar to punctuation to getting ideas out onto paper students always struggle with this subject.  Most struggle in silence.  Large class sizes, little one on one attention students do not get the feedback or help with their reading or writing they deserve.  Most parents don’t realize how little their children write in school considering how much time they spend there and how little feedback they get on how to improve.  It is very common for us when it comes to English to see students graduating high school writing at a grade 7 level.  Why is this you ask?  Most students get pushed through grade by grade.  Due to the subjective grading of English there is never a need to hold anyone back.  It is a real tragedy when we have someone in grade 12 that cannot write a paragraph.  Please if you need help with your English – reading or writing – just reach out to us for help.  We can work with you to build your skill set and gain the valuable confidence you need.

Chemistry, Biology and Physics - Ah the sciences.  Many students have challenges with these courses.  Usually the issues surround understanding the material, practicing it and memorizing various formulas and scenarios.  If you need help with any of these subjects let us know.  Doing well in these subjects can be an important catalyst to a university career in the sciences.  Get a good foundation early.  Get used to asking for help early.  There is an amazing body of knowledge to know and no one can expect you to master it all without help.  If you want to do really well in these subjects, then definitely reach out to us.  You might not need that much help but trust us from experience a little bit of help can go a long way.